Most guitars have flat soundboards so its a surprise that it took me about 28 years to make one! That’s because I’ve only recently understood how to make them in such a way that they wouldn’t distort like most flat top guitars do. It’s easy to prevent “bellying” by over bracing the top, but then you’ve made a guitar that can’t sing. So you have to make a soundboard that is both strong and light. It’s tricky….

The Session King Advanced instruments feature a flat soundboard design that has more bass than my “standard” or “cylinder” top design, yet still has the clarity normally associated with my work. SK Adv instruments feature wood binding and purfling and a high gloss finish.

Irish bouzouki
Model C
Model C-SK torrefied sitka spruce 4
Model C-SK torrefied sitka spruce 5
Model C-SK torrefied sitka spruce 3
Model C-SK torrefied sitka spruce 10
Model C-SK 1
Model C-SK 10
Guitar bouzouki-2
Hand rubbed sunburst
Model C-SKadv backstrap