Luthier tools


Semi hemispherical fret end grinding tool


I’ll be honest, even with this tool, semi hemispherical fretting still takes a long time, much more than regular fretting. But this neat diamond grinding tool does make the results a lot more consistent. I’ve been using this for the last year and it works really well. More accurate and quicker than any other way of doing it I’ve seen.

The price is for the wheel only. You’ll need a mandrel of some sort to hold the wheel. I got mine on eBay for AU$38 delivered.

Pricing (including shipping) per wheel:

USA.    US$140

UK.    £100

EU.    €115

Australia.    AU$155+GST

Canada.    C$175



I need to order 20 at a time to get them for this price, so let me know if you’d like to be included. I’ll take a 50% deposit, and the balance will be due when the order arrives at my shop. and I ship them out. If I don’t get the orders, I’ll send you the deposit back.

If you’d like to be in on this batch, let me know. My email is [email protected]