Session King Tenor guitar

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The Session King tenor guitar

The Session King tenor guitar is regarded by many as the best handmade tenor guitar in the market today. Not many luthiers have taken the tenor guitar, or the longer scale plectrum guitar very seriously. Many of you may own a vintage tenor guitar. Disappointing aren’t they? Tenor guitar design was overdue an overhaul, and that’s just what I did.

The handmade Session King tenor guitar is turning out to be one of my more popular models so it deserves its own page. You can read a recent review right HERE.

When I came to redesign the tenor, my starting point was simple – I looked at my existing Guitar-Bouzouki design. And simplified it. The T-SK has the same body shape as the Forster guitar=bouzouki (GZ-HO.) But the soundboard is flattened – first to make it fuller in the bottom end, and also to make the T-SK my most affordable instrument.

The basic “no frills” model is hard to beat –  super loud and responsive, with a mahogany body and cedrela top. You can upgrade to a  spruce, torrefied sitka or cedar top, and upgrade the mahogany back and sides to wenge, figured sapele mahogany or figured bubinga.

Tenor guitar or plectrum guitar?

Well, what you call your Session King is up to you. In the past, longer scale 4 string guitars were called “Plectrum guitars” and the shorter scale “tenor guitars.”  But it’s not just about scale, it’s also about tuning:

Traditional tenor guitar tuning is CGDA. But in recent years GDAE has become very popular for both long and short scale. The long scale really suits OM tuning – GDAE which is a very useful tuning for playing in sessions compared to CGDA. If you’re playing GDAE, do consider the shorter scale – it works beautifully with the right strings.

Cedrela top, khaya mahogany back and sides. Queensland maple or mahogany neck. Bog oak fretboard.

Upgrades: Torrefied sitka, European spruce or Western red cedar soundboard. Back and sides – bubinga, wenge, sapele…there are many choices.

Satin finish or upgrade to full gloss

banjo head tenor guitar

Nickel finish 5 star banjo tuners, bone nut and saddle, eco gold frets.

Model T-SK back

body width: 390mm 15 3/8″
body depth: 120mm 4.72”
scale: 24.75″ or 22”
nut: 34mm or custom
tuning: standard, GDAE or similar