Irish Bouzouki

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There are  many variations on the irish bouzouki/cittern/octave mandolin/mandola design

strings: 8, 10 or even 12

scale: long or short- or somewhere in between.

tuning:(D) GDAE, (D) GDAD, (D) ADAD or similar.

soundboard: spruce, cedar or redwood. Arched, flat or cylinder top.

It’s by mixing all these elements that we come up with the right mix for you. Drop me a line if you want to talk about it.

soundboard: carved, mature European spruce or Western red cedar (redwood available as an upgrade), aged Indian rosewood or maple back and sides. 1908 Cuban mahogany or maple neck, the fretboard and bridge: fine Sri Lanka ebony, rocklite or bog oak

Gold Gotoh 510s

Evo Gold fretwire.

The nut and saddle are both bone.

body width:390mm (15 3/8”)
body length: 450mm (17 3/4”)
body depth: 95mm (3 3/4”)
nut: 8st 36mm (11 3/32”) 10st 40mm (11 9/32”) or custom

scale length:
bouzouki 650mm (25 5/8”)
tuning – (D)GDAE or similar

cittern/octave mandolin 585mm (23 1/16”)
tuning – (D)GDAE or similar or high tuning – (G)DADA

mandola 515mm (20 1/4”)
tuning – (G)CGDA or similar