The Model C is the biggest guitar in the range – A little larger in size than a traditional Martin OM or OOO, for more bass but with a tighter waist for a crisper sound. Your Model C can be tailored to suit your playing style, the materials chosen to suit your tastes.

If you’d like a fine handmade acoustic guitar, and you want the best, get in touch through the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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It's a couple of years since my Forster Model C-HO arrived. This is my 'keeper' guitar and to be honest I feel a bit sorry for all those players who are still on that journey looking for their 'Holy Grail' instrument. Choice of instrument will always be a personal thing but for me this all I will ever want or need.

It has a 'Howe-Orme' inspired cylinder top and double sides. The scale length on my instrument is 650mm. It is superb for playing in DADGAD which is where it stays as that is my thing. Clarity and separation mean it is an ideal fingerstyle guitar. The projection is good too - for me that means the clarity and separation are not sacrificed when you need to add a little 'oomph'. As if that isn't enough, the sustain is incredible. Strangely, if you want a nice tight, punchy sound you can get that as well - never quite managed to work out where the sustain goes to when you don't need it!!

As for looks - drop dead gorgeous. Nigel has a real eye for classic, understated good taste. Overall, craftsmanship and finish are second to none.

- Martin Sumpton, England
I've always admired Nigel Forster's guitars, something clean and unfussy about their appearance that appealed to me….It was a few months in coming but boy oh boy it was worth it. My guitar has a spruce top, sunburst finish and binding to both body and headstock. I was greeted by a glorious whiff of workshop on opening the case and once tuned up I was met with a wonderfully rich tone. The back and sides are made from a very dark Brazilian mahogany and the top is Spruce, I chose this option as felt I wanted the a brighter tone because of my playing style.

It's a large bodied guitar, not a jumbo but a comfortable shape that you can wrap yourself around when you play seated, and strapped on looks pretty rock n roll. The neck is comfortably rounded with a largish headstock and old style enclosed tuners.

Strumming some open chords you can hear the note definition across the strings, the chords aren't a mush but clear and concise. There's a warmth and depth to the tone which is soft but articulate when I play with my thumb, contrasted by a rewarding clarity when I dig in hard with my nails.

This guitar has dynamics in spades, smooth for delicate passages and clear and bell like when you play hard, and it's loud, very loud!

I'm drawn to playing this guitar far more than any other that I have owned, I keep picking it up and already some new songs are making an appearance. Do I sound happy? Oh yes, delighted.

Thanks Nigel

- Tim Hands, England
I’ve been a proud owner of my model C for a couple of years now, I’ve been fortunate enough to have owned and played numerous high end acoustic guitars over the years, but since taking ownership of my model C I’ve happily sold my other acoustics as I find myself playing my NK Forster guitar exclusively. Not only does it sound superb, it has great balance across all 6 strings up and down the fretboard, but it also look amazing! and the workmanship is first class.
I cannot recommend Nigels’ work highly enough.

- Neil Smith, England
I’ve owned my session king for five years now - that’s five years of sessions, gigs and general twiddling around and I still love playing it. It’s a great guitar with a distinct clarity and warmth to its sound. To me the most impressive thing about the session king is it’s incredible dynamic range. This has made it perfect for those wilder sessions when I've want to be as loud as possible!!

- Sophie Lynch, England
I have bought my NK Forster model C in 2011 (Indian rosewood and spruce) and have been using it as my main instrument ever since. It is a beautiful instrument, both visually and acoustically. The bass is strong and very dynamic, with delicate and round mediums and highs. It is a very well balanced instrument, very comfortable to play and loud. It works very well in sessions, where it is clearly audible even with dozens of other instruments around, as well as in studio recordings, with a beautiful and precise tone, and in concert settings, with a very clear and melodic sound. It is well suited to any type of music, although I am using it for Irish and Scottish folk mainly, and I can't recommend it highly enough!

- Jean Damel, France
C-ss head detail
C-SS neck rear
C-SS front
Cedar C SK Adv
Model C-SK torrefied sitka spruce 5
Model C-SK torrefied sitka spruce 10
Model C-SKadv backstrap
Model C-SKadv tuners
Brazilian rosewood guitar headstock veneers
superior flat top guitar - Model C
superior flat top guitar - Model C
Model J
C-SS soundhole
C-SS body
C-SS front full
C-SS back joint neck
  • Material

    Soundboard – mature seasoned European spruce or Western red cedar.

    Back and sides – there are many options - mahogany, maple, figured mahogany, wenge, ziricote or figured bubinga.

    Neck - New Guinea rosewood, American maple or upgrade with 1908 vintage Cuban mahogany

    Fretboard - fine Sri Lanka ebony or ancient bog oak.

    Bridge - rocklite ebano.
  • Hardware

    Tuners - Gold Gotoh 510.

    Frets - hand polished Evo gold frets.

    Nut and saddle - hand polished bone.
  • Dimensions

    max body width -420mm
    body Length - 490mm
    depth - 112mm
    nut - 45mm
    bridge spacing - 57mm
    scale - 24.75″ or custom