Despite having made hundreds of instruments, I’ve never made the same instrument twice. I constantly experiment with both structure and aesthetics. Whilst the “look” of the work changes from one year to the next, it’s all recognisably “Forster.”

My preference is for work that isn’t flashy or vulgar. I like design that is familiar, sober, yet contemporary. Inlay work has never interested me – these materials are sufficient luxury in themselves.

A good instrument is a simple instrument, and I concentrate my efforts on what matters most – sound and playability.

NK Forster 8 string sapele and spruce mandola
Session King tenor guitar 22-6
Model E-SS jarrah sides edited
Forster Irish Bouzouki
European spruce
Irish Bouzouki
Irish Bouzouki Slide
Small Celtic O jarrah top
Gold Gotoh 510 mini tuners
Model D-11
Celtic F mandolin Forster
Celtic F mandolin back and ribs
Celtic F mandolin neck joint
ziricote back. Shallow T-SKjpeg
Model C-SKadv backstrap
Model E-SS burl rosette 2
Redwood top and soundhole
Forster Model C
Forster Model A rosette
experimental guitar design
Brazilian rosewood guitar headstock veneers
Model E-SS bridge
EG1 pickup
samois - my maccaferri tribute
a style mandolin, front and back
Charlie Archtop Guitar
Session King tenor guitar 22-5
Oscar - a fine archtop guitar
new site images 2020-8
Model E-SS bridge
Model 2 electric head rear
Model E-SS headstock
Model E-SS back Jarrah sobell
sapele mandolin back
RW Tom Kimber tenor rosette 1
sapele mandolin back and neck
new site images 2020-4
guitar bouzouki blackwood
Model E-SS burl rosette
EG1 neck and body
Redwood and Indian OM
Shallow T-SK 2
Shallow T SK back
Small Celtic O mandolin jarrah back
1.celtic mandolin tailpiece
EG1 body angle
1. maple back celtic mandolin
figured blackwood gzouki back
RW Tom Kimber tenor back full
Redwood and Indian OM full
Model 2 Electric
Model 2 electric head and neck
RW Tom Kimber tenor neck 2
Parlour guitar full
Parlour guitar rear full
bouzouki neck joint
Bouzouki rosette
irish bouzouki
ringed gidgee head veneer
figured blackwood gzouki soundboard
flame blackwood guitar bouzouki