Workshop burglary update

A bit less than a year ago my workshop was broken into. And 8 months worth of work was stolen. To date, only one instrument has been found.

Today I got word that the person responsible for breaking into the workshop was found guilty and sentenced to 44 months in prison.

The criminal is called Lee Mullholland. He’s from South Shields. He committed the theft just days after being released from prison where he’d served a few months for another burglary. One article I read about him stated he had been convicted 20 times for commercial burglary and had a record of over 85 past offenses.

According to articles I’ve read, Lee Mullholland has a drug problem and steals from people to perpetuate this problem.

I don’t wish Mr Mullholland any ill. It looks like he’s wasted much of his life as it is. Who knows at what point his life went wrong? But clearly, it did.

My hope is that whilst in prison he seeks and then finds help. It might be the only way he ever turns his life around. It might be the only way he ever stops hurting other people. It will take a lot of effort, a lot of strength and persistence. Its rare for people to change, but it is possible I hope he does. It might be the only way he finds something that resembles peace of mind.

The likelihood is that most the instruments are still in the NE of England. If you’re in the NE, please take the time to call into your nearest Cash Converters from time to time. Especially Jarrow, South Shields and Gateshead.

If you find an instrument of mine, let me know, or call the police.