The best guitar for DADGAD?

About a year ago I put together an article for this blog. But never got around to publishing it. Hopefully, I shall in the new year. I asked a lot of great DADGAD players, some well known, some not so well known what they thought was the perfect guitar for DADGAD? Here is the spoiler – the answer is different for everyone. I asked all these great players because I like to know. The answers help me direct my thoughts.

After reading the replies from the musicians, I made this guitar – I call it the Model G-SS. Model G? The body shape is based on my popular guitar bouzouki/tenor guitar design. This means you get a 16 fret to the body neck joint. So if you capo high and play up the dusty end, you won’t be cramped. The cutaway helps even more.

This one is made with bubinga back and sides, with a European spruce soundboard. The neck is mahogany, the fretboard is ebony. The soundboard arching is my SS design – the “standard soundboard” based on the old Sobell guitars design from the 90s and early 00’s. The bracing is a little different from a Sobell – it’s a lot lighter, and hence, louder. What does the guitar sound like? Have a listen – here is Ian Stephenson putting her through her paces:

If you’d like to know more about the guitar, drop me a line.

Remember to tell me your country!

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