Stolen guitars update

Well, it’s bee a couple of months since the Hexham workshop was broken into. Thanks for all your kind emails. There has been a little bit of progress – one instrument turned up. It turned up at Cash Converters in Jarrow. Someone bought it from there for £40! They weren’t sure how to string it up so took it to a guitar shop. The shop owner let me know and the instrument was returned to the owner. Great. I sent the shop owner a reward for his honesty.

You’d think that would be the key to finding the rest, wouldn’t you? Whoever took the instrument to Cash Converters may well be able to lead the Police to the rest of the haul. But it seems that isn’t how these things work. It’s over a month since that instrument was found, and there has been no further progress.

If you see or hear of anything, please let me know. Email is the best way to get me. I’m not much of a one for phones. You can ring Ralph if you come across something. 07811367900.

So, it’s one down, quite a few more to go…

Guitar Bouzouki