Stolen guitar bouzouki found!

Many of you will know that in 2018 the workshop I was temporarily using in NE England was broken into and some dozen instruments that were ready to be shipped out were stolen. Well, last week, one of them turned up. A very nice chap in South Shields emailed me to say that he’d found one. I shan’t go into details, of how, but it was very decent of him to get in touch.

The instrument is a 10 string long scale spruce and wenge cylinder top guitar bouzouki.

Wenge Guitar Bouzouki

From what I can see from images the lad sent me, the instrument is in good shape. Untouched. But I’m sending her to a friend in the UK – another maker, who is going to check her over from head to toe, and set her up so she’s playing perfectly.

I wasn’t expecting to see any of the instruments back, so its a bonus when one turns up.