Snaarmaarwaar pop ’round the workshop for some tunes

Snaarmaarwaar play some tunes at NK Forster guitars HQ!

Guitar bouzouki
Celtic F 2
Celtic F


The lads from Belgium band Snaarmaarwaar popped around last week for some tunes. The night previous they’d played a gig in Leipzig. They came around remarkably early for musicians. About half ten in the morning. Amazing. I’ve never met a musician at that time of day before. It’s the middle of the night for most of ’em. Clean living chaps they are.



Here is  Maatren and Ward playing whilst Jeroen holds the camera. Great musicians. They are playing a recent bubinga and spruce guitar bouzouki and a maple/spruce Celtic F mandolin.  And there is me in me snazzy German overalls. Smart eh?

I first met the lads about a year ago when they were playing at a Church near our place in Leipzig. Great band. Great lads. Here is their website. Have a look and see if they’re playing anywhere near you. Do yourself a favour and see them.