Semi Hemi fret end grinding wheel orders being taken!


Semi hemispherical fretting is a time consuming job. It was American luthier Harry Fleishman came up with the idea back in the 90s he did it all by hand. Time consuming work. Now there is a tool to help speed the process up.  The semi-hemi diamond coated fret end grinding wheel. Try saying that quickly after a glass of sherry.

Owners of the last batch of grinding wheels seem very happy – so the order book is open for the next batch of 20.

You can read more about pricing for your country HERE.

This time, I’ve secured a supply of arbors to fit the wheels, and they are included with the wheel so you don’t have the hassle of finding one.

And this time I’m a bit more organised – fill in the order sheet HERE and I will send you a Paypal invoice for your 50% deposit.

The order book will be open until the 10th March or whenever all 20 slots are filled, whichever comes first. If all 20 slots haven’t been filled by the 10th March 2022, you’ll get your deposit back.



The order book filled and closed. So, if you want to register for the next batch, click the same link above.