Parlour King tenor guitar

Super loud small bodied tenor guitar
Another little variation on the tenor guitar theme – I had a few bits sitting around the workshop – too small to make a Session King tenor guitar with but too good to throw out. So I made a parlour guitar sized tenor out of them – may I present to you the Parlour King tenor guitar. In this case, its a 24.75″ plectrum guitar, but you could just as easily make one with a 22″ scale.

The materials are the same as the regular basic Session King tenor – khaya mahogany back and sides, cedrela top, bog oak fretboard. The neck is New Guinea rosewood (Asian padauk) Its a handsome little guitar and sounds really impressive. To keep the price down this one has no headstock “backstrap” and has good quality guitar tuners rather than expensive banjo tuners.

Some folk prefer a smaller tenor guitar – if you do, you might want to drop me a line.