NK Forster Guitars – Leipzig luthier

So, I’m finally in the new workshop. It took weeks to pack everything ready to go to Germany and I managed to get all three tons of it onto five pallets. A company came to pick it up telling me to expect it in Leipzig within 3-5 days. After  about 8 days I was starting to get a bit concerned, then I got a call – a voice with a heavy German accent said –

“You have five pallets yes?


“Ve only have one.”


I suggested he had a look for the other four, and for a brief moment I contemplated life without all my stuff. Without all the tools and timber. If the insurance paid out would I start again? Would I just suggest to the wife she pack in work and we go travelling? Mmm….

Anyway, a couple of days later the stuff turned up so it seems we shall never know. A great big bear of a feller who spoke no English (I speak almost no German as yet) dragged the pallets off the wagon and into the yard where my workshop is situated . I helped a bit by pushing.


luthier junk


Of course, nothing is ever perfect, and the only downside of my new place is you have to climb 4 flights of stairs to get to it.

Every now and again you get a little reminder that you’re not 25 anymore, and carrying 3 tons of timber and tools up to the new shop was one such occasion. Oh how I laughed! 

Anyway – it’s done. I hope me and the wife like living and working here are I’ve no wish to move it all again in a hurry…

So, ready for the tour?


top dept
sinker redwood and spruce
routing dept
routing department
the most important area
maple for archtops
maple for archtops
maple flat back
machine room
the machine room
handwork room
hand tools
hand tools
bending dept
side bending department

So, there is a handwork room where I keep all the soundboards and other components – this room is kept warm and dry all the time. The machine room is a little bare just now – some of my machines got left behind and I’m taking the move as an opportunity to replace them.

Most important is the tea department. Few people know, but drinking tea is the secret to making great guitars. It’s a fact. No tea, no good guitars.

I’m looking forward to getting started this week – if you’re in the area, get in touch and I’ll get the kettle on.