Two reasons to sign up to the NK Forster guitars newsletter…

NK Forster guitar for sale?


Why would you want to sign up to the NK Forster guitars newsletter?

Because when something special comes up, the newsletter readers find out first. You might have noticed there hasn’t been much on the “Available Now” page for quite some time. That’s because when something has come up, one of the  newsletter subscribers has nabbed it first.


Model S cylinder body


What sort of things come up?


Guitars of mine don’t come up second hand very often. But when they do it’s sometimes because the owner is buying a new one from me so the old one gets sold via the newsletter.

Other times I sell what ever demonstrator guitar I have. That’s a great time to get a bargain. An almost new ex-demo Forster with a full warranty but for less than the new price. And no waiting!

Sometimes a customer cancels. It happens. It’s a shame, but what can you do? Post it up on the newsletter, that’s what!

This little beauty came up last year –

Sycamore A cylinder top

Sycamore A cylinder top


Then, there are new models – hardly a years go by when I don’t come up with some new take on things. When I have a new idea, I make it – and if I like it, the instrument goes out for sale via the newsletter. Like this Session King tenor which went to a customer in England.


best tenor guitar

Session King tenor guitar


So what are the two reasons?

There were two good reasons to sign up to my newsletter this year. One was this little beauty:


SK gouzouki 11

Session King Guitar Bouzouki


An 8 string Session King guitar bouzouki which a few days after being showcased in a newsletter found a new home in Australia. I slipped this gzouki into the last batch of Session King’s – it was a bit of an experiment – I was keen to try out the cedrela soundboard  again, and I think it’s just great, really raw sounding, with loads of power.

The second reason to sign up came up this week:


Forster Model S

Cylinder top Forster Model S


multi head veneers
rear head veneers

Multiple head veneers and back strap

A rather lovely Adirondack spruce and Indian rosewood Model S which is on it’s way to Scotland very soon.

This was a guitar I started back in 2012  –  I always try to make something for the “Available now” page but more often than not keeping up with orders has to take priority, so this one never got finished. But at the start of this year I got it out the box and took a good look at it – I reworked the soundboard a little fiddled with the bridge design and made a neck to fit.  It’s great! This is the first time I’ve ever used Adirondack spruce (I bought a stash of it around 2005/6) and it’s lovely stuff – the guitar sounds really open and really loud. It has just a hint of that classic Martin guitar “dryness” I like mixed in with a sound that is very much what you’d expect from one of my guitars. It’ll be interesting to try the Adirondack spruce out on a Session King some time – the flat soundboard design wold really bring out more of that classic sound into the Forster “mix.”

So there you have it – you’ve missed out! Aw. Never mind, sign up, and find out the next time something new (or something old) comes up for sale.