One new guzouki and one happy chap!

One new guzouki and one happy chap!

My customers have been very patient this year and I’m very glad. Things have taken much longer than I expected what with the move to Germany coming up. So it’s nice when I get to hear how happy folk are who’ve received their instruments after waiting so long.

One such chap is Rob, who found out about me on the forum (I think?) Anyway, Rob just took delivery of a new guzouki – a guitar shaped bouzouki, or gazouki or gzouk or blarge….anyway, whatever it’s called, this is what he and a pal of his had to say on the forum.


Oh, and Rob took the photos too, so I’d like to thank him for letting me use them on the site.


Howe Orme style cylinder top


“Well, it’s taken a while, and Nigel’s pulled a blinder.

What can I say. Well, glossy well taken pics on a site can be misleading.
Not so in this case.

From the moment you clap eyes on this beast, the thing oozes quality as befits the ability of someone who studied under Mr Sobell. Quite simply, I love it, which is something of an understatement.


So initial impressions:
It’s a huge gamble for me, indeed anyone, ordering an instrument you’ve not played, that much I know, but this has paid off. In spades. It helps that one of my fav bands of the moment uses one.
From the small detail of the incredibly smooth hipshot tuners, to the distinctive cylinder top, and the beautiful dark back and sides, to the tiny but classy binding, to the incredibly playable neck, and the focussed, precise sound – it’s a beast. It’s surprisingly heavy since but my buchanan is quite a lightweight.
I suppose if you really want to hear it, I’d listen to Mec Lir or the latest Barrule as Adam’s an incredible player, whereas I’m an amateur who sold his redundant camera gear to fund this (I still have the basics of what I need don’t fear!). But I do believe that MAS is also about aspiration as must we all!”


His pal (also a Robbie) added:

“Well, I had the absolute pleasure of playing this yesterday, and all I can say is wow!!! Does anyone want to buy a very nice second hand OM, which is absolutely pants in comparison??!!

When I first held it I thought that I was holding a telecaster, it is REALLY heavy. I have no idea why. But it is beautifully put together. It is like a piece of architecture, with its very unusual design. I even liked the postage stamp bridge, which I must admit to absolutely hating in pictures. In the flesh this looks brilliant, and makes a lot of sense. Every aspect of the construction and design is pure class, even down to the wonderful hipshot tuners.

As for the sound, well. I’m in love! The dynamics of this thing were beautiful, which is really what has got me thinking about moving my OM on. I could go from a year whisper to full on sonic assault, and still have plenty in reserve. There isn’t any way this instrument isn’t going to get heard in a band set up.

It sounded like the fullest, darkest sounding bouzouki I have ever heard, but I also loved the fact that in essence this is a really thick, fat sounding guitar (when playing tunes at least). It responded the same all over the fingerboard and wherever the capo was placed.

It was also very easy playing…. I would have loved to have played with it a bit longer, and try some Bach and Teleman on it. I think the cello suites would have sounded amazing on this (though I might have struggled with the stretches somewhat).

Overall, Badger is a very lucky chap And Foster is a genius! Now I am only left with wondering how I too can afford to own such a beast. Probably one of the most inspiring instruments I have played in a long while.”

Glad you like it Rob. Enjoy!