Model S-SS and Model S-HO comparison.

Remember the twin guitars? Two fine handmade acoustic guitars – my Model S-SS and a S-HO. Well, I’ve made a video about them. It is a long video, but for those interested, it may well be worth sitting through till the end. Put your headphones in, or plug in your good speakers.

Apologies for the wildlife noise in the background. We’re surrounded. We get a lot of birds here which is nice. Mind, the prior day, I had to abandon the recording – the kookaburras were going nuts. When they packed in a kid was tearing around the field next to us in a motorbike. When he went home, the lorikeets kicked off. Then the ice-cream van turned up…funny how noisy it is here considering what a quiet place it is.

Anyway, this video is to answer a common question I get asked – “What is the tonal difference between the SS and HO soundboard designs?