Knopfler guitar collection

Apparently Mark Knopfler is selling off a load of guitars, including one by a certain guitar maker form the NE of England.



Sadly they didn’t bother ask me anything about it, but if they had, the description would read

“This is the third guitar made by English guitar maker NK Forster under his own name after working for well regarded luthier Stefan Sobell for many years. (See lot 114)

The guitar was made around 2005 and bought for Mr Knopfler around 2006. This was the second of two guitars by Mr Forster owned, the first being a maple parlour guitar.

Being an early example of his work, the design and build owes much to Forsters’ time spent in the Sobell workshop. All the materials were from the Sobell workshop.”

The estimate is pretty low, so someone may well get a bargain. I might even bit for it myself as I thought it a superb guitar.