A fine archtop guitar – “Oscar”

_MG_8133_72 - Version 2
_MG_8252_72 - Version 2
_MG_8260_72 - Version 2
_MG_8270_72 - Version 2
_MG_8284_72 - Version 2

So, if you’ve followed the little series “The journey of an idea” this should seem like a fairly logical next step – to apply the idea to a “traditional” archtop design – here is the result – I’ve called him Oscar, after my favourite Jazz guitar player, Oscar Moore (who played with Nat Cole in the late 30’s and early 40’s.)

The guitar has a top notch, aged bearclaw German spruce soundboard, figured rock maple body and a carbon fibre reinforced Monterey cypress neck. Fretboard and finger rest are Sri Lankan ebony. The guitar has my new “long neck” design which gives more sustain and superior access to the upper frets, as well as having a compensated zero fret to ensure spot on equal temperament all over the neck.

This really is a classy guitar…

NK Forster luthier, Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Maker of Guitar, Bouzouki, Cittern and Mandolin.