New Celtic bouzouki on the bench



A new variation on the Celtic bouzouki design: the back, sides are English sycamore (with a central piece of spalted birds eye maple)  the neck is laminated from American maple (much stronger than any European sycamore) the top is western red cedar. The binding is an engineered ebony substitute similar to Rocklite and the purflings are black, white and blue maple lines. This zouk will have a fixed bridge.

The feller who ordered it has had a few instruments from me over the years.  I think this is his fourth or fifth I forget – in the past he’s been pretty specific about what he wanted but we know each other pretty well now: I know how he plays , the sound he craves, and what he needs performance-wise in a zouk so this time he’s pretty much left me to my own devices – he knows my work and trusts thats whatever I choose he’ll be getting the best.  It’s nice when you get to that stage with a person, when they know they’re in safe hands.

This Celtic bouzouki should be off to the spray shop soon. After that she’ll be off home to Scotland.