A pair of recent tenor guitars

It’s not possible to photograph every instrument I make, but I did have time to snap this pair.

This pair show you just what is possible on the tenor guitar theme, as the small Parlour King is a very simple instrument, and the Session King a rather fancier one.

Both  have a 22″ scale, and are tuned GDAE.

The Session King has a torrefied sitka top bound with rocklite and has a lovely dyed burl maple rosette – the first time I’ve used this type of decoration. I really like it, and will offer it as an option from now on for those who fancy a little “bling.”

The Parlour King has a lovely quartersawn cedrela soundboard and a simple rosette made of blue and black maple lines.

Both guitars have mahogany back and sides, and a New Guinea rosewood neck. The T-SK has a banjo head and gold Gotoh banjo tuners, the T-PK has a guitar style headstock and Gotoh 510 tuners. Both guitars have lovely ebony backstrap head veneers.

The Parlour King is headed to Melbourne, the Session King is bound for England. I hope both instruments get plenty of playing. Both sound great. The cedrela top has a slightly coarser sound than the torrefied sitka, which in turn sounds very open. The smaller Parlour King has perhaps a little more focus than the larger Session King. Whilst the larger Session King has more bass. But both sound like one of mine.



Session King tenor guitar 22-2
Session King tenor guitar 22-3
Session King tenor guitar 22-5
Session King tenor guitar 22-6
burl maple
Session King tenor guitar 22
Parlour King tenor guitar-2
ebony head veneer
Parlour King tenor guitar-3
Parlour King tenor guitar-5
Parlour King tenor guitar-6