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Model E-SS-SK

A brand new Session King Model E is available now. The guitar is in the UK, and is ready to ship worldwide.


The Model E is based on my Model D body shape but slightly smaller – this O size guitar is a great option if you’d like the powerful sound of a smaller bodied guitar but the warmth of a Dread. This is combined with a 25.4″ scale to introduce a little more tension into the smaller body which can cope with dropped tunings beautifully.

For the last few years I’ve sold.a lot of Session King tenor guitars, so I thought it time to look once more at making a Session King 6 string. It’s nice to be able to offer a more affordable handmade guitar, for those who want the sound, playability and craftsmanship without the high price tag.

What I didn’t want to do was just make a string version of the tenor – I prefer the crisper sound you get from a Sobell style arched soundboard, especially when you play in dropped tunings like DADGAD.

In keeping with the Session King style, the guitar is stripped down to the basics – simple black rocklite binding around the top, and simple black/white/black purfling lines to decorate. The rosette is cut from purfling lines and wenge. This body shape is the Model E, the soundboard is a Sobell style (SS) and the striped down Session King style (SK) makes this little guitar a Model E-SS-SK.

Soundboard – Western red cedar Sobell style arching design

Back and sides – Queensland maple (Australian mahogany)

Neck – New Guinea rosewood with ebony head veneers

Fretboard – bog oak, bound with rocklite, with hand polished evo gold frets

Bridge – ebony, bone saddle

Tuners – gold Gotoh 510

Case – Hiscox Pro


Session King Model E-SS
Session King Model E-SS-2
Session King Model E-SS-3
Session King Model E-SS-4
Session King Model E-SS-8
Session King Model E-SS-9
Session King Model E-SS-7


If you’d like to buy the guitar, it is available on a three day trial.

Send a message in the box at the foot of this page if you’d like to own this superb guitar.