My Grandfather taught me to play guitar when I was 13.  I immediately became interested in how they were made. At 17, a teacher asked me what I’d like to do for a living? “Make guitars.” I said. He sent me to see a man who had been looking for an apprentice. He gave me a job. It was as easy as that.

Apart from two years (1990-1992), I trained under English guitar maker Stefan Sobell from 1988 until late 2003. We made a lot of fine instruments together.

My own business began in Newcastle, England in 2004.

In 2015 we moved to Leipzig, Germany. A beautiful city – well worth a visit.

Then in late 2018, we moved to south east Queensland, Australia. We live in the Gold Coast – between the sea and the mountains. Also – well worth a visit too.

These days, I’m back at the workbench for most of the year.

Outside of instrument making, I’ve always had other interests. Much of my 20’s were spent playing in a band and practicing Aikido. In my 30’s it was yoga – very helpful after years of bending over a workbench. These days it’s a mix of yoga, meditation, and writing. In my early 40’s, I spent time in Asia, traveling and volunteering.



around 1998
NK Forster guitar