Happy new year!

Jan 7, 2018


Happy new year to all of you. We had a nice Christmas, Mrs Forster and spent it in a monastery near Newcastle for a few days. There wasn’t any turkey, but it was very peaceful. It was nice to avoid all the Xmas craziness.

The bottom picture was taken on Christmas day itself. That’s me on the right, to the left is one of the monks, a very nice chap from Italy, and in the middle is Jeff Jackson.  He’s a smashing feller. It was lovely to see him – I worked part time for Jeff back in 1998 – he’s a cabinet maker in Northumberland. Back then I was working 3-4 days a week for Stefan Sobell and the rest of the week for Jeff. As well as practicing Aikido 3 nights a week and playing in a band 3 nights a week. I don’t recall having many days off. I had quite a bit more energy then!

The three of us spent a bit of time fixing an old pergola at the monastery which was doing the hula-hula. Jeff pointed out, it was mainly the vine that was holding it together! It should last a few more years now.

Christmas day itself was very wet, but a few days later we had snow as you can see in the top picture. It was really lovely but didn’t last long.

So, for now, the workshop is in storage and we are in Aisa enjoying a bit of heat but I plan to be back in Feb to crack on with the work.

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So I hope 2018 is a happy and healthy year for you all.