Back to the bench

Aug 20, 2017

Back to the bench…

Mrs F and I had a very nice July, we went on silent retreat for 18 days in Germany, then helped out in the kitchen on another 10-day retreat afterwards in Switzerland. Tell you what, Switzerland is great. The air, the water, the scenery, the people. And the cheese. And the sound too. COw bells tinkling all the time. Very nice. And if you ever want to experience that famous “German efficiency”, don’t go to Germany, they haven’t a clue anymore. Go to Switzerland instead. On the way there we had to get three trains and a bus with no more than 5 minutes between them to change. No problems whatsoever. Fancy doing that in the UK?

In between there was a flying visit to one of my favourite timber dealers to pick out yet another 100 or so soundboards I don’t need to go with the hundreds I already won’t get through if I live to be 90. Still, there are worse addictions…

After that it was back to the bench, a lot of stuff is coming back from the spray shop and I’m busy trying to get a few more ready including some interesting variations on my standard designs.

Here are a couple – a torrefied sitka top tenor guitar and the last of the satin finish Session King guitars.